All natural homemade treats you can feel good about giving your dog...

The ultimate SOFT training treat!
Soft, fresh, high value.

The Liver Lady treats are baked by hand in small batches to insure optimal freshness.

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We now offer delivery and shipping!!!
This is a good time to get The Liver Lady Treats in your training facility. Delivery is available within a 60 mile radius. If you are outside of our delivery area, I can ship overnight via UPS.


For more information on delivery, please contact me at 815-337-4745 or email

Laurie McCauley, DVM, CCRT
Medical Director of TOPS Veterinary Rehabilitation writes:

"Karen 'The Liver Lady' Peterson, as most dogs and people know her, has created an amazing assortment of delectable dog treats. In Agility circles these treats are known to make the dogs wild just by the smell. They are extremely healthy and made from all human grade ingredients and most dogs will do whatever they need to, to sink their teeth into them. Some are so crazed by the tantalizing treats that I have seen well behaved dogs jump, not with two, but with all four feet on to Karen's table just to get a sample."


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